this is me

This is me.
My name is Christina Vagenius. I am a self taught artist living on the shores of Lake Michigan with my husband and three smallish boys. I use old books and journals to create three dimensional shadowbox art and illustration. I am a lover of all things nature and am continually inspired by the wonder of seeing the world through the eyes of my children. I enjoy the process of story, the continuing journey of piecing word with picture. You can find me most days throwing a tennis ball for our yellow lab, Scout, teaching art to children in our home studio or taking photographs in our surrounding woods, searching for the tail end of my next story.

You can find more of my work at Kindred Magazine or at my blog, Heart Box Studio.


paper & scissors


Paper & Scissors

My medium is a unique combination of papercut and three dimensional illustration incorporating both journal and collected vintage book pages to create stories within stories. Each page from these collected books is chosen for its content and word placement, handpainted, cut and assembled within a wooden box, giving each piece of illustration a depth of story and interior voice.


Bird Girl: A Short Film


The Making of a Shadowbox

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